Boat Berths

Cala dei Sardi is an eco-friendly Marina in the heart of Emerald Coast, the beautiful Coastal trait of Gallura, north-east Sardinia.
The mooring is equipped of all service both on the pier and on ashore.

140 berth places

from 6 to 60 meters length
from 3 to 6,8 meters draft

Berths offer the best shot from the winds of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th quadrants and well equipped by all services on dock( electricity, water). Ashore there are toilets, showers, bar and restaurant.

In the Marina there is also a a fantastic and comfortable floating platform, to bath or sunbathe.

To know berths prices send an email to info@caladeisardi.it, our team will be happy to answer you within a few hours.