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The Marina Cala dei Sardi

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The Marina Cala dei Sardi is an eco-friendly structure, built with Breakwater pontoons. It is designed to naturally dampen wave motion, ensuring total stability and safety, so much so that walking on it is difficult to realize that it is a floating structure.

The Breakwater floating modules allow you to prevent normal underwater currents from being changed and at the same time guarantee the transparency of the water.

The ground part is treated in every detail to offer our customers total relaxation. There are toilets and showers, a bar and a restaurant offering typical dishes and seafood specialties.

Eco-friendly structure

Our backdrops are preserved

Cala dei Sardi offers a unique context, surrounded by nature

A land to explore

Discover the surroundings

Pristine landscapes of an environmental oasis: suggestive itineraries in five protected marine areas, almost eighty thousand hectares of coastal and marine territory, including breathtaking backdrops

Strada Provinciale per Porto Cervo sn 07026 Cugnana (Olbia)

PHONE +39 0789/1876125
BOOK NOW You can book one of the 140 berths available in Marina Cala dei Sardi now! The berths, from 6 to 60 meters (maximum draft 6.8 meters), are served by electricity and water. In addition, the Marina is protected from winds from the II, III and IV quadrants. Mooring assistance can be contacted on VHF channel 8.
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THE MARINA Cala dei Sardi is the largest eco-friendly port in Sardinia. It is located in the Gulf of Cugnana, on the territory of Olbia, between Portisco and Porto Rotondo. Quay services (water and electricity), toilets and showers, bars and restaurants (the restaurant offers typical local specialties and seafood dishes)
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