The new Lagoon 55 exposed in Cala dei Sardi

The Lagoon World Tour arrives in Cala dei Sardi for the premiere of the new cruising catamaran from Lagoon Shipyard.

During the weekend from 30th of July to the 1st of August the new Lagoon 55, a 17 meters length catamaran will be available to those who want to see and try it, while in the previous days the yacht will have a photo shoot in the Costa Smeralda sea.

For catamaran enthusiasts the location is the best one. In Cala dei Sardi they will find and try the entire range of Lagoon catamarans. The Marina si the main base of NSS Charter, the biggest Italian charter company with over 140 boats, both monohulls and catamarans located in different destinations all along the Mediterranean Sea.

On the occasion of the Event, Simone Morelli, CEO of NSS Group will celebrate the 100th Lagoon catamaran sold and is on the race to win the award of best Lagoon European Dealer for the third consecutive year.

«Despite the severe crisis – explains Morelli – boating business is holding up, thanks to the fact that the boat is one of the safest means to spend holidays. Nautical tourism, charter business and tourist Marinas, are important economic sectors and Sardinia remains one of the most popular destinations. About 30 companies operate on the island for a total of over 300 boats and 2500 beds, and in the Cala dei Sardi / Porto Rotondo / Portisco triangle there is approximately 20% of the national charter offer. Numbers that generate considerable commercial activities in the tourism and holiday industry, and events like this one represent a showcase and a good opportunity for promotion for the area.»

In addition to direct sales, it is also thanks to the family management programs that more and more enthusiasts choose catamarans. With these programs the customer purchases the boat without having to worry about management cost for an agreed period. In that period of time, for example 5 years, the catamaran will generate an income to the owner of about 50% of its purchase price, but it will also be managed by the charter company that can rent it to its clients and will take care of the boat management cost at their own expense. After the five-year period, the owner will have full availability and will be able to decide whether to continue with the program. 

The NSS, acronym for North Sardinia Sail, is a company founded in 1998 in Sardinia, based in Portisco as a charter company with 7 sailing boats. Then Mr. Morelli created the Marina Cala dei Sardi in Gulf of Cugnana, an eco-sustainable oasis, equipped with all the services dedicated to the yachtsman and to those who want to spend they boat holidays in total relax.

The Marina is a strategic point to sail among the coves of Costa Smeralda, Maddalena Archipelago and South of Corsica. Today NSS is a leader in Sailing Charter business, but also in monohulls and catamarans sales. It’s a well-established company that offers high-profile professionalism between skippers, boatmen, sales manages for a total of about 100 permanent and seasonal collaborators.

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Strada Provinciale per Porto Cervo sn 07026 Cugnana (Olbia)

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Puoi prenotare subito uno dei 140 posti barca disponibili nel Marina Cala dei Sardi! I posti barca, da 6 a 60 metri ( pescaggio massimo 6,8 metri), sono serviti da elettricità e acqua. Inoltre il Marina è protetto dai venti del II, III e IV quadrante. L’assistenza all’ ormeggio può essere contattata sul canale VHF 8.
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Il Cala dei Sardi è il più grande approdo della Sardegna di tipo eco-compatibile. Si trova nel Golfo di Cugnana, sul territorio di Olbia, tra Portisco e Porto Rotondo. Servizi in banchina (acqua ed energia elettrica), servizi igienici e docce, bar e ristorazione (il ristorante offre specialità tipiche del territorio e piatti di mare).
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