The Yacht Club Cala dei Sardi was born

In the Gulf of Cugnana, at the gates of the Costa Smeralda, the Yacht Club Cala dei Sardi was born, an association that presents itself to sailing and sea enthusiasts with the clear intention of promoting the territory, environmental sustainability and respect for the sea. The initiative is by Simone Morelli who is the honorary president of the Yacht Club.

Morelli, patron of Marina Cala dei Sardi, aims to make the nautical base live all year round thanks to the organization of sailing activities and the promotion of water sports in general, as well as with events aimed at raising awareness of the protection of the marine environment. Cala dei Sardi was born from the vision of wanting to offer an eco-compatible structure with safe and protected moorings, a different landing place than the usual one of a kind.

«The idea that gave way to the birth of the Yacht Club – says Morelli – is that of a sports center that can create aggregation between men and women of the sea, train athletes and bring the name of Olbia and Sardinia to the world».

Among the founding members, famous names from the world of sport and the Italian navy such as the Olympian Tania Cagnotto, the only Italian woman to have won a world gold medal in diving, Vincenzo Montella, former footballer remembered for scoring the highest number of double goals consecutive in Serie A and today football coach of Adana Demirspor, and the former Commander of Amerigo Vespucci Gianfranco Bacchi, a passionate sailor who last year replicated, after 55 years, the famous and difficult maneuver of crossing the Taranto canal completed by Admiral Agostino Straulino in 1965.

«The new board of directors is already working on the request for affiliation to the Italian Sailing Federation – announces Morelli – and already this year we intend to organize high-level events as well as collaborate with the main realities of the area».

At the technical guide of the Yacht Club, as president of the board of directors, Alessandro Balzani, together with Eugenio Basciu, Stefano Pilia, Stefano Parolin and Carlotta Morelli. «This new Club – they explain – was born with the aim of strengthening the great work done over the years to make Cala dei Sardi a point of reference in the nautical sector and at the same time to look to the future».

Like every Yacht Club, the social standard was also presented, represented by a portion of a four-pointed compass rose, inserted in the triangle of the flag on a light blue background, with an ocher yellow circle in the center. The prerequisites, therefore, are all there, for a good start in the name of great sailing and for a season that already promises to be full of first-rate events.

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Strada Provinciale per Porto Cervo sn 07026 Cugnana (Olbia)

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Puoi prenotare subito uno dei 140 posti barca disponibili nel Marina Cala dei Sardi! I posti barca, da 6 a 60 metri ( pescaggio massimo 6,8 metri), sono serviti da elettricità e acqua. Inoltre il Marina è protetto dai venti del II, III e IV quadrante. L’assistenza all’ ormeggio può essere contattata sul canale VHF 8.
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Il Cala dei Sardi è il più grande approdo della Sardegna di tipo eco-compatibile. Si trova nel Golfo di Cugnana, sul territorio di Olbia, tra Portisco e Porto Rotondo. Servizi in banchina (acqua ed energia elettrica), servizi igienici e docce, bar e ristorazione (il ristorante offre specialità tipiche del territorio e piatti di mare).
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